eScience in and beyond the classroom

This is a pre-conference space to determine what we'd like to discuss at the workshop on 4th December. Our time allocation is 1 hour 40 minutes and so to maximise that time please do contribute here in advance. Workshop information is here and on the conference website

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Workshop plan

Hi and welcome to the eScience in and beyond the classroom workshop!

The conference organisers have set our workshop time as Monday, 4th December at 16:30 - 18:10. The workshop's listing in the program is here. The time is much shorter than we had expected and to maximise time available for discussion we would like workshop members to tailor the session to their needs.

It looks like there will be other delegates in the workshop session since there is no extra delegate fee for the workshop. So, it seems like we will be fitting a workshop into what is also called a 'themed track' session.

We intend to run the session so that participants will present for 10 minutes, there will be 5 minutes for questions on each paper, and this will leave a 30 minute session for discussions. We are inviting members to open up issues for discussion here for 2 reasons:

1) to give the presenters an indication of the parts they should focus their 10 minute presentation on, and
2) to give presenters a chance to indicate preferred discussion areas first before the other delegates join the group.

Please feel welcome to use this space to raise issues along the lines above. I will send the workshop papers via email for you all to start this process. It would be useful if we aim to have comments for presentation focus made by 15th Nov. to aid presenters in making their presentations.


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