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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

About Gabrielli, Hodapp & Ranon paper...

The GAN-MVL communication and groupware, remote instrument control and video capture tools clearly have great educational potential and I can see how they could support independent, self-motivated and self-directed learners.

I would be particularly interested in hearing more about how you might structure/contextualise use of these tools (video archives, e-logbooks, etc...) with less independent learners.


Blogger Hilary Smith said...

I'd be very interested to hear whether any further work has happened with this community since the paper was written. What is the current status of the tools developed - for example has a prototype of some or all of the functions mentioned in the paper been left with end users or been used in any way since? What kind of feedback are the team getting from the science researchers?

I was also interested whether the scientists voiced any concerns about data ownership and possible 'theft' or inappropriate reuse, or are there security measures involved that prevent this being possible? This relates to the kinds of caution necessary and ethical concerns we have with storing and making available video data of children.

The Smart Tea project at Southampton (mc schraefel, Equator related) may be of interest to the authors for the electronic lab log book work.

11/10/2006 2:25 pm  

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